A Close Look At How The Vagina Is Formulated

Even though the beginning of life is keep inside this beautiful part of the female body, so many people don’t fully understand the vagina’s anatomy. We are going to change this today. Typical women don’t fully understand how their body works because unlike men, where their genitals are external, in women they are internal. This makes it harder to see how everything physically works. Let’s start with an easy explanation of the key components of what makes us, well us.

breakdown of the components of the female vaginaThe vulva, which is the part that many mistakenly refer to as the vagina. This includes all parts on the external layer of the vaginal region. The Mons Pubis is the fatty-like tissue which encompasses the pubic bone, and the part of the body where pubic hair grows. The outer lips of the vagina are referred to as the labia majora, which are usually covered with pubic hair as well. The inner lips are known as the labia minora which protect the urethra and clitoris. You can find a picture of this description at v-tightgelreviews.net. Depending on the individual woman these can be thin, fat, different colors, long, or even short. Every woman varies when it comes to the labia minora. Because of their ability for sexual stimulation, when a woman is aroused these vaginal lips will puff up and peel apart allowing for better insertion.

Now, onto the best parts! The clitoris is one part you are probably familiar with. Think of it as the equivalent of a man’s penis head. This is the most sensitive part of spongy tissue, and it’s protected by the clitoral hood. When at peak arousal the clitoris will actually push through the hood and become more accessible. This is one part that will vary depending on the woman, just as men’s penis sizes will vary.

The small opening just below the clitoris is medically termed the urethra and it’s where your urine comes out of the body. It is the connection between the kidneys and bladder. For women who reach the point of female ejaculation this is where the skenes glads drain the clear fluid. The last part we are going to discuss is the hymen. Most popularly termed as ‘popping her cherry’, the hymen is a thin layer of skin that covers the opening of the vagina (v-tight gel reviews describe here). During your first sexual experience the penis will tear this thin tissue layer, basically de-virginizing the woman. Be aware that in some rare cases woman can be born with an imperforate hymen, which is when the hymen tissue completely covers the opening of the vagina. This will cause major menstrual cramps, as the blood and waste materials can’t exit the body. If you are experiencing this you need to seek the assistance of a trained gynecologist to help remove the excess tissue.

For more detailed diagrams of the female anatomy of the vagina be sure to check this out.